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Making a name for himself as a young businessman and entrepreneur in Detroit, Michigan, W. Darrow Fiedler quickly discovered that his talents far surpassed his neighborhood. At the age of 21, he sold his unexpectedly successful landscaping business and moved to California. After years of hard work and professional experience, Darrow is now a top performing real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty.

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About Darrow

W Darrow Fiedler (also known as “Darrow Fiedler”) is a real estate agent with years of experience and a can-do attitude. He currently works as a Franchise Investor with Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate company. He operates in California and a number of other west coast states.

Representing principals in the sale of commercial, investment and residential properties, for five years Darrow was the No. 1 commercial agent at an international franchise averaging 142 transactions annually. He is also a regional and market center franchise investor with Keller Williams Realty International, Inc., the fastest growing real estate company in North America.

Since 1978, Darrow‘s team has focused on providing consulting and real estate services for Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustees in California, Arizona and Nevada. Examples of closed transactions include hotels, theatres, apartment buildings, auto centers, vacant land, date farms, warehouses, restaurants, development projects and residential use properties. In addition, court hearings have attracted over bidders, creating auction sales with better than expected results.

W Darrow Fiedler taught for eight years at Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHCC), holds a California Community College (Lifetime) teaching credential, was an active trainer with Howard Brinton Superstar Seminars, instructed at International, national and local real estate conventions and seminars, and contributed to the national bestsellers, “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”, by Keller, Papasan & Jenks, McGraw-Hill publisher, and “SHIFT COMMERCIAL” by Norman and Papasan, Rellek Publishing Partners. He is passionate about coaching and helping others wealth build through passive income via proven investment strategies and models.

Early Career

At the age of 21, Darrow took a job at Gallo Wine Company. There, he worked as a sales Representative from 1976 to 1978. In the first year of his two-year time there, Fiedler became the number one salesperson within the company. In 1978, he moved on to work at Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation, where he became the number one salesperson in 6 months.

W Darrow Fiedler made his foray into the real estate industry with a career as a Sales Manager at Century 21 Beach Properties in Hermosa Beach, California. After a year at Century 21, he went on to work within the booming industry for many years to come. In 1979, he took a job with Sandpiper Realty in Redondo Beach, California and in 1983, he joined the first Re/Max in CA, specializing once again in Beach Cities Realty. At the time he joined the company, Re/Max had 6,000 agents nation-wide and by 1995, they had 65,000. Darrow also acquired a CA Community College lifetime teaching credential, and from 1986 to 1993, he taught Real Estate at Los Angeles Harbor Community College. By 1993, Darrow became one of the top realtors in the Los Angeles area.

Keller Williams Realty

Fiedler then met Gary Keller who introduced him Keller Williams Realty (KW). In 1999, Darrow left his position at Re/Max to join a team at Keller Williams. Working as a region and multi-office franchise investor, W Darrow Fiedler strongly believes in the values behind Keller Williams. KW began franchising in 1993, and has since expanded all over the world. In addition to covering the U.S, KW has reached across Canada, Southern Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai and several other additional countries.

W Darrow Fiedler finds his career at Keller Williams extremely rewarding, using the interdependent model of real estate. This means that they provide education and support for agents and brokers breaking into the industry. Fiedler understands that by working at KW, he can help other people gain income through several real estate business models.. Since 1999, KW has grown from 6000 agents to 130,000. Darrow is inspired everyday by the mission, vision, values, beliefs and perspectives of the Keller Williams business models and systems.

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The Keller Williams Model

  • Associates maintain an interdependent relationship with the company
  • Mutual interest in success
  • Brokers and associates work as a team to achieve financial goals
  • Keller Williams assumes financials, legal, or management responsibilities

“Keller Williams Realty changed the real estate industry forever when it introduced its Interdependent, Agent-Centric business model.”

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