Selling your home can be intimidating. There are lots of steps that need to be followed and you may feel lost in the shuffle. Here’s what you can do on your own to feel more in control.

Tidy Up

This may sound like an obvious step in preparing your home for sale but you would be surprised how often this is overlooked. To help keep your home clean during the sometimes long and grueling process of selling, first start by decluttering your home of any unnecessary items. Start a donation bin and give these unwanted items to a place like goodwill. If you have items that still have some value left to them, post them up on sites like craigslist or facebook merchant. You never know if one man’s trash may become another man’s treasure.

Out of sight, out of mind is not something you want to bank on when preparing your house for sale. Potential buyers are going to want to open up those closet doors and take a peek inside kitchen cabinets to see what kind of storage space they have. Be sure to organize these parts of the house to make the best impression for a potential buyer.

Once you get the clutter out of the way and organize what’s left, give your house a good deep clean. This process will probably consume most of your time so look to friends and family for help if you can. Pay close attention to places you know you would look if you were looking to buy a house. Kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and shelves are all important parts of the house that need a deep cleaning to impress potential buyers.

Simple DIY Projects

Before your house goes into the stage of inspection, you’re going to want to take care of any minor problems you’re able to fix on your own. Some of these include fixing leaky faucets, switching out burned-out light bulbs, and replacing broken window screens. If there’s anything that feels out of your range of fixing, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Other DIY projects that can really boost the vanity of your home are small decor details. Rent a pressure washer and go to town. You’ll be surprised how much dirt your home has accumulated over the years. Also consider touching up some paint. Homes that sell best have neutral colors that are pleasing to the eye. Neon orange might be your favorite color, but most of your prospective clients are not going to agree. While you’re at it, dress things up a little bit. If you’re selling you house in the next few weeks, add some fall decor to cozy up your home.