More commonly these days, recent college grads and young professionals are looking to move to the big cities in search of better career potential, higher salaries, and the best affordability they can find. Bankrate conducted a study on the top 50 metropolitan cities they believe are best for starting a career. Here are the top ten.

Houston, Texas
This metropolitan area of 6.7 million people has topped the list because of their affordability and high job potential. For recent college grads, ages 22 to 26, the average full-time pay is $43,500/yr, according to CNBC’s report. Furthermore, Houston has one of the nation’s lowest rent costs, charging only 22.7% of the income of an average person.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
In the Twin Cities, an impressive 88% of people in the 22 to 26 age range are employed. Additionally, if you like the social atmosphere of a bar, this is the place for you.

Washington, D.C.
In our nation’s capital, recent grads can find an average income of $45,000/yr. With colleges in the surrounding areas, such as Georgetown University and American University, you’ll always have something to do.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
With a high ranking in employment rate, this small city in Wisconsin is a place with a gravitational pull for young professionals due to their job market and their beautiful outdoor areas and bar scenes.

Dallas, Texas
Home to 7.1 million people, many young people flock here for the sunny weather and wide cultural settings. Not to mention, Dallas’s employment rate for recent college grads is a remarkable 81.9%.

Columbus, Ohio
Out of the list of 50 metro areas created by Bankrate, Columbus rated #10 for the strong recent grad job market and #12 for affordability. The average age of Columbus residents is just under 32, which skews much younger than most U.S. cities.

San Jose, California
Based on GDP per capita and the local job growth, San Jose tops the charts for career potential. Not only that, but this city also ranks third in the nation for their employment rate for young people ages 22 to 26.

New York City, New York
It’s no surprise NYC makes the list of the top ten cities for young professionals. However, they have been bumped down to the 8th spot because of their exceedingly high cost of living. Nonetheless, three of the five boroughs, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, still offer cheaper housing.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Quite the opposite, Pittsburgh ranks in the top 20% of affordability. The ‘Burgh also ranks among the top five for lifestyle because of their wide range of bars, restaurants, and entertainment establishments.

San Francisco, California
Even though San Francisco has a reputation for being exceptionally unaffordable, the city’s employment rate for young professionals and their career potential rate remain in the top 10% of metro areas across the U.S. If you’re able to find a place to rent with some roommates, it’ll be worth it.