If you want to get your business’ teams to share your company’s social media content, reward them for doing so. Rewarding them is preferable to forcing them to do so. Making it mandatory could come off as controlling.  Employees would not like having employers encroach upon their privacy.

One way to promote social media sharing is to financially incentivize them.

For example, give employees points when they engage with your business’ digital content.  Reward them with 500 points for sharing a post, 300 points for commenting on a post, and 100 points for liking a post.  Also, reward your employees for sharing company blogs, news releases, and positive press. Put someone in charge of tracking this initiative from your marketing department. Tell employees to send URLs to the social posts they share, comment on, or like.  This will prove to the associate that employees should earn points.

Each month, award departments and individuals who digitally engaged the most.  Have a bagel breakfast in their honor with coffee.  They will not only earn that bonus, but they will also enjoy the recognition from their peers.

Engaging your employees in this way will also incentivize continuing education.  The research necessary to find the company’s digital content can lead them to reading educational material.  They may find articles that share relevant or breaking news. Or, they may find evergreen content that could help them in their job. This, in turn, will give you more educated employees.

Once workers read the unique and curated content, they will share it with their social circles.  People trust emerging products and services when their warm contacts endorse them. The small financial investment in this project will earn higher ROI’s than normal marketing tactics.

To top it all off, this project will engage employees. Engaged employees are happy employees.  Happy employees are much more productive than their distressed counterparts.

Encouraging interdepartmental communication in this way can spark innovation.  People can create in ways they may not have thought of otherwise. Implementing this award system is a win-win for all involved.