Real estate investing can seem overwhelming and daunting to study for those who have never gotten their feet wet in the topic. There is a never-ending list of books, websites, apps, encyclopedias, and schools dedicated to the subject. Here, I explore the best resources you want to get your hands on in order to learn about and dive into real estate investing.


BiggerPockets’ Real Estate Investing Tools and Resources
This page of BiggerPockets’ website covers guides to read, tools to use, foreclosure resources, landlord topics, rehabilitation resources, ways to find properties; records, magazines, and websites; and blogs to follow. BiggerPockets is a leading company in the real estate industry, and this list will surely provide you with a solid foundation upon which to do your real estate research.

Nolo’s Top Resources for Novice Real Estate Investors
Nolo provides a list of websites and mobile apps to use in order to find any kind of resources you may need in order to plan and execute real estate investment plans.

Creative Real Estate Online’s Real Estate Investing Resources
From the founder of Creative Real Estate Online, J. P. Vaughan presents a thorough list of resources made available to first-time real estate investors.

InvestFourMore’s Books, Websites and More Resources for Real Estate Investors
InvestFourMore provides ways for people to make a profit off of LinkedIn resources, see how Zillow can work for them, understand how hard money and private lenders can work for them, find educational software, join Real Estate Investor Associations, work with property managers for their ease of mind, search real estate listings, and find helpful books and news channels related to real estate investing.

REI Club’s Real Estate Investing for Creative Real Estate Investors
REI Club brings to you a list of articles, videos, success stories, clubs, laws, books, courses, monthly updates, and forums for people to interact with.

The Virtual Real Estate Investor’s Toolbox: Essential Resources for Buying & Selling Properties Out-of-State
If you are thinking of investing in real estate remotely, this is the resource guide for you. From dealing with vacant land to property research, communication to marketing tools, this resource guide offers powerful ways for investors to stay up-to-date and in control during the whole researching, buying, maintaining, managing, and selling of real estate properties far and wide.

Real Estate Investing Depot: Directory of Real Estate Investing Educational Resources
REI Depot provides a massive list of educational resources for all types of real estate investing topics, including but not limited to commercial properties, flipping homes, property management, and financing. Although their website is slightly outdated, take a look through their numerous search categories to find intensive educational programs from 260 authors and publishers.

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