According to Amy Chan of the Huffington Post, “Who you surround yourself with [is who] you become.” Therefore, if you want to become a successful real estate investor, you must surround yourself with those who already are. Although it may seem hard to find these people, the great use of technology and the internet has changed our ways finding friends, lovers, and even business partners. If you’re looking to get started in real estate, here are the top three real estate investors you should follow and get to know.

Donald Bren

If there’s anyone you should know about in real estate investing, it’s Donald Bren. It’s no surprise that Bren is considered one of the richest real estate developers in the World. He is estimated at a net worth of $15.2 billion. Bren’s career started early when he founded Bren Company. After building his first home, he realized he had a future in real estate and began investing into properties in California. He also purchased and grew several real estate brokerages, leading up to his life-time success in real estate.

Barbara Corcoran

You may know her as one of the sharks on Shark Tank. Have you ever wondered how she got there? Barbara Corcoran is a self-made million, which all started with real-estate. After realizing she wanted to be an entrepreneur, she invested $1,000 that she borrowed from her boyfriend to fund her own real estate company. Through her understanding of brand marketing, she is now one of the top real estate investors in the country.

Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund is a Swedish real estate broker, investor, business owner, and author. He starred on Bravo’s TV show, Million Dollar Listing. He currently resides in New York City, where is known for growing his own real estate enterprise. After dropping out of the Stockholm School of Economics, Eklund went on to open his own technology company. After selling the company, he went to work with his father at a Swedish bank, which led him to consider a potential career in real estate. Because of the knowledge he learned about real estate investing at the bank, he started Eklund Gomes with John Gomes. As an international real estate investor, his net worth is around $30 million. He is an international influencer, as he grew his life and career between two countries, allowing him to expand greatly into the international real estate industry.

Although it may be quite hard to hangout in person with these three real estate professionals, reading their books, following them on social media, and engaging with their online content and conversations will help you take their advice and run with it.